Frequently Asked Questions for Individual Trustees and Trust Advisors 


  1. Why should I consider becoming a Member of T21 Trustees?

Membership is the first step in joining our Trust CONNECTSM  . This service connects independent trust professionals with trust appointers for Trustee, Co-Trustee, Trust Protector and Agent of Trustee appointments. Membership also includes a variety of tech-enabled tools and services designed to enhance productivity and manage your fiduciary risk in a secure environment.


  1. If I’m not a trust professional, but I serve as trustee on one or more trusts, should I consider becoming a Member of T21?

The same tools, technology and services offered to our trust professional members will help make your job as trustee more productive and help you manage your fiduciary risk.  As someone who may not have the trust related experience or knowledge that a trust professional has, the T21 Learning Center and Help Desk will be great resources for you on a variety of trust-related topics.


  1. In what capacities do T21 Members typically serve?

T21 Members serve in a variety of trust-related roles including Trustee, Co-Trustee, Directed Trustee, Distribution Advisor, Trust Protector and Agent for Trustee.


  1. What benefits and services does T21 provide its members?

Core Benefits and services include:

                  • T21 Trustees Web Portal containing a suite of tools including secure private messaging, digital vault, e-signature and other capabilities
                  • T21 Learning Center, which includes a resource library on Best Practices for trustees and trust advisors
                  • Help Desk for guidance on trust administration questions
                  • Networking opportunities with fellow members

Enhanced Benefits and services include:

                  • Our Trust CONNECT service which refers independent professional trustees and advisors to families with available trust appointments
                  • Fiduciary liability insurance
                  • Investment reporting & analytics software and services
                  • Tax, accounting and record-keeping software and services


  1. What is the T21 Trust CONNECT Service?


We are constantly sourcing new trustee and advisor appointments with families that are seeking an independent trustee or advisor. We refer our members to these potential appointments.


  1. How will I get paid if I am appointed as a trustee or trust advisor via the Trust CONNECT service?

As a trustee or trust advisor, each T21 Member gets paid directly by the trust that engages them. T21 is not a party the fee arrangement between the Member and the family/trust.


  1. What is the cost of membership?

The membership fee, which entitles the Member to all the Core benefits, is $995 per year. Fees for the Enhanced Benefits are available upon request.


  1. How do I become a Member of T21 Trustees?

To become a T21 member, or to discuss membership with our membership director, simply Click Here and send us your contact information.