Frequently Asked Questions for Families Seeking a Trustee or Trust Advisor


  1. What is the benefit of establishing a relationship with T21 Trustees?

At T21 Trustees, our mission is to provide individuals and families with the greatest possible flexibility and control over their trust arrangements. We do this via our Trust CONNECTSM service which introduces families seeking an independent professional trustee or trust advisor to members of our national network of independent trust professionals. These T21 Members can serve you in a variety of trust-related roles including Trustee, Co-Trustee, Investment Advisor, Distribution Advisor, Trust Protector and Agent for Trustee.


  1. How does T21 Trustees work with families looking for a trustee and/or trust advisor?

The person responsible for finding a trustee or trust advisor (the Appointer) should contact T21 to have a general discussion about the family’s needs.  T21 will prepare a list of T21 Members who might fit the role. Upon approval of the profiles of the professionals we provide, T21 will introduce the T21 Members to the Appointer.  T21 is available to assist in the selection process, but the Appointer and the T21 Member will make the final decision to move forward with an appointment.


  1. What qualifications does a T21 Member typically have?

T21 Members are generally professionals with prior experience as Trustee, Investment Advisor, Distribution Advisor, Trust Protector or Agent for Trustee.  T21 Members are individuals and are not affiliated with any bank or trust company. They may be lawyers, accountants or have other professional affiliations.  Each member has a unique set of skills, and it’s T21’s job to match member skill sets with a family’s needs.


  1. Are T21 Members vetted and insured?

Using a 3rd party provider, T21 conducts background and credit checks on all T21 Members. T21 Members are also required to have fiduciary liability insurance.


  1. What if I need to (or want to) replace the T21 Member that I chose?

Our service is designed to be an evergreen solution to your trust related needs. Should you need to replace the T21 Member you selected, we will provide a new set of T21 Member profiles for you to consider.


  1. How much does the T21 service cost?

To the family and its trust(s), the T21 Trust CONNECT service is free.  T21 is paid by the T21 Member for services provided to the Member.


If you would like us to contact you about our Trust CONNECT service, please click here.